We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the best IT service experience in the Ottawa area.


At LARA-TECH we don’t believe in restrictive contracts, and we don’t insist on a monthly retainer.  Instead, we offer a high-quality “on-site, any time, anywhere” service with the option to simply “pay-as-you go”.


Worried about your current system?   Tired of waiting for emails to show up, or fiddling with a scanner to send a file online? We can help by assessing your current situation, and providing solutions that are both cost effective and state of the art, allowing you to capitalize your effort on what you do best!  We can answer all your IT questions concerning: Backups, Email, Hardware, Internet, Monitoring, Software, Spyware/Virus, Security, Wireless and more!


Our technicians can assist in setting up and installing devices suited for most all business applications.

Designing and installing new office setups,  upgrading existing infrastructure, and planning major expansions and transfers, are just part our daily routine.  With our vast experience, LARA-TECH can offer you an extensive range of expertise for all of your IT and computer needs!

Your infrastructure is safe with LARA-TECH.