Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Did you ever wonder whether you can run your whole business in the cloud? Can your infrastructure be run in the cloud? LARA-TECH can assist you with this by providing non-proprietary solutions.

What are Cloud Services?

Cloud services are made available to you on-demand through the internet. They have been around for approximately two decades, yet many businesses are still operating without it. The businesses that do utilize cloud services use it to improve efficiency, serve their customers better, and increase their overall profit margin. Their purpose is to provide you with easy, scalable access to applications, resources, and services. Most people are already using cloud services for personal use, some popular cloud-based applications include Gmail, Google Drive, One Drive, and even social media platforms like Instagram. The great thing about a cloud service is that it can scale to meet all of your needs, and because we supply the necessary hardware and software, you don’t have to deploy your own resources or allocate IT staff to manage it. They are a resourceful and often inexpensive way of sharing information, and a great tool for ensuring that important files are backed-up and accessible.

Benefits of Utilizing Cloud Services


Buying hardware and software, setting it up, on-site data centres, and hiring IT experts to manage it all, can get expensive. Bitglass conducted a survey in 2015 and it found that half of all CIOs and IT leaders reported savings from using cloud-based applications. Cloud services eliminate all additional expenses and leave all the heavy-lifting and hard-work to us. Being on the cloud will also allow you to save time and money in project start-ups.


Cloud services can give you more flexibility and more convenience because of their speed. The cloud is on-demand and can retrieve large amounts of resources in minutes or in just a couple of mouse clicks.


The cloud can scale elastically. This means it can deliver the necessary amount of IT resources like computing power, storage, and bandwidth in an instant and from the correct location. Need more bandwidth? Cloud-based services can increase your bandwidth instantly so that you don’t have to spend money and time updating your IT infrastructure.


All of the cloud services offered at LARA-TECH are hosted in Canada with our Industry leading partners, in top-level data centers. Because of this, services run on a secure network that is regularly updated and possess the most efficient computing hardware.


Using cloud services makes data backup and – if needed – disaster recovery easier and less expensive. Regardless of how in control your organization may be, there is really no way to prevent or anticipate disasters that could harm your infrastructure. The reliability of cloud services will prove to be a lifesaver in emergency scenarios like natural disasters and power outages.

LARA-TECH is proud to offer several, Canadian based, cloud solutions:

  • LARA-VAULT – a backup solution for desktops/servers starting as low as $14.95 per month, for 5GB of online storage.
  • LARA-MAIL- Hosted Exchange / Microsoft 365 services available, also offering options for File Sharing in the cloud.
  • LARA-Veeam-Vault – a virtual server backup solution
  • LARA-Veeam-M365 – a Microsoft 365 backup solution for Emails/Sharepoint/OneDrive

Examples of other cloud services include:

  • Document collaboration services
  • Database processing
  • Managed technical support services, and more.

Contact LARA-TECH for more information on these exciting services.

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