Cyber threats are becoming continuously more common and are growing in sophistication. LARA-TECH can help you and your business implement the latest, multi-tiered IT security protocols to ensure your network, data, privacy, and overall security are safe and protected.


Just how we need antibiotics when we’re sick and preventative flu shots, your network needs anti-malware to prevent, detect, and remove malicious software. Anti-malware is your systems flu shot, it protects you from infections caused by malware like viruses, rootkits, ransomware, and spyware. We use anti-malware for much more than just scanning some files for viruses, we scan all incoming network data and block any threats we find, providing you with real-time protection against the installation of malware on your system. Attackers are continuously developing new techniques for distribution and exploitation, therefore requiring that defenders are using updated anti-malware products. Without current software, your devices and network are at an increased risk of infection and damage from viruses, trojan horses and adware.

Anti-malware is necessary to:

  •       Prevent users from visiting sites that are suspicious or known to distribute malicious code
  •       Prevent spreading malware from one device to others
  •       Generate and track metrics of infections
  •       Provide insight into malicious software and help you understand how the software has affected the device(s) it’s compromised 

DNS Security & Monitoring

Domain Name System (DNS) is a naming system that allows devices, web pages, applications, etc. to communicate with and identify each other. It is one of the longest-serving technologies of the modern internet and acts as a cornerstone for all online activity. DNS and DNS monitoring are essential to businesses. DNS is fundamental for the internet to work the way we know and expect it to work today, ensuring that it is secure should be a top priority.  DNS takes devices and web pages and matches them to an IP address that can then be tracked by other devices. There are many devices and websites available to access over the internet within a company’s infrastructure, DNS can keep a record of all IP addresses so that you don’t have to do it manually. Monitoring is implemented to ensure that communications are operating smoothly.

DNS web threats are growing, and abuse of the system can allow criminals to easily do a large amount of damage. Some threats include: tricking users into clicking an incorrect domain name, stealing personal and financial information through downloading files or clicking links, and locking down entire networks to steal data by using ransomware. While this all sounds scary and worrisome, prevention is simple with the proper DNS security and content monitoring that LARA-TECH can offer you and your business.

Email Filtering

Everyone has likely fallen victim to spam mail at least once in their lifetime, your business will be no different, in fact, filtering your inbound and outbound email traffic manually would prove to be very difficult. Email filtering does all of this for you and is able to scan messages and classify them into different categories including but not limited to: spam, bulk, virus, imposter, and others. The same process is used with outbound email monitoring and scans messages before delivering them to ensure harmful messages aren’t being sent to other organizations. LARA-TECH uses enterprise-level techniques to provide you with the most protection from spam and other unwanted mail, while simultaneously protecting confidential information shared via email.

Data Back-up & Protection

Holding all your data files in a secure, readily, and easily accessible location is called data storage. Data backup saves additional copies of these data files in a separate physical or virtual location to protect them should the originals ever become compromised. Recovering from losing your data could not only be slow and costly, but it may also be impossible. Ensuring that your data is secured, stored, and backed up properly on a regular basis is necessary. Regular and reliable backups are an important part of data management and help to prevent damage or loss caused by failure, faults, viruses, hacking, power failure, and human error.

Data back-up and protection will also help prevent:

  • Damage/modification to data
  • Data theft
  • Confidential agreement and privacy law breaches
  • Data being released prematurely
  • Data being released before being properly examined for accuracy and authenticity

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