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Web Design

LARA-TECH will help you with ensuring that your website is following the best web design and web development practices so that you can concentrate on running your business. We work with the industry’s best in web design. We partner with local web design firms that adhere to and uphold our same level of service excellence. Whether you require an upgraded, more robust e-commerce platform, a complete revamp of your current website, or back-end / structural changes to an existing platform, we have trusted industry partners that specialize in all areas of web design and web development.

Web design and how your website is perceived are a very important part of your business’ online presence. In Adobe’s State of Content Report, they found that 73% of those surveyed believe that content ‘must display well on the device’.  Additionally, when given only a few minutes to consume content, 66% preferred to view something that was beautifully designed over something that was simple and less aesthetically pleasing. 

Beyond aesthetics, smart web design is important because:

  •       It determines a consumer’s first impression

You only have seconds to make a good impression once someone lands on your website. If your website looks unappealing or outdated, it will not retain interest and could result in a negative impression. Your website’s design and architecture – how information is structured, and how easily the user can find the information they’re looking for, will influence whether someone stays on your site to learn more about your business or if they leave to go to a competitor’s site.

  •       It defines your customer service

It’s our nature to be judgemental, whether we like it or not. Prospective customers are likely to make impressions on how seriously you take your business, and thus, on the level of customer service that you might provide, based on the appearance of your little effort into their appearance or hygiene, this would lead you to assume that their lack of effort means that they just don’t care about how you perceive them. If you don’t put effort into the design of your website, then your audience may assume the same about the effort you dedicate towards helping them. When you think of the most perfect customer service representative for your business, take those same standards and apply them to your web design – you want a bright, friendly face to greet your customers – an updated and modern web design is the equivalent to this.

  •       Your competition is already doing it

We can guarantee you that your competitors are utilizing web design to their advantage. It’s uncommon to see successful businesses without advanced web design. If you want to stay in the competition and give them a run for their money, you want your website to stand out from the crowd. Appearance aside, in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a non-user-friendly, outdated, slow loading website will have your competition outranking you on the search engine results page, and acquiring the clients that you hope to attract. 

  •       It levels up your SEO strategy

Speaking of SEO, while in the past the line between web design and SEO used to be very distinct, nowadays it’s quite blurred. Web design elements such as navigation structure of the website, reading experience, the size and types of images and files used throughout your site, and website load speed are all SEO ranking factors. How great or poorly your website is designed now has a direct impact on the user’s experience and how they interact with it. All these elements impact how your website is indexed by Google, and ultimately how high it ranks compared to your competitors. You’ll find it difficult to generate engagement and leads on your website if your SEO fundamentals are not up to par because you’ll receive little-to-no online visibility.

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